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As companies continue to navigate the impacts of COVID and the extended hurricane season (due to La Nina), it’s more important than ever to have technology-based SCRM solutions, like Resilinc’s EventWatch AI, in place. 

In this webinar Resilinc’s CEO, Bindiya Vakil, Director of Operations, Shahzaib Khan, and Director of Product Management, Sandeep Ramachandran will present the most recent data from Resilinc’s EventWatch AI platform and discuss:   

  • The current state of COVID 19 wave 2 disruptions
  • The impact of (a likely extended) hurricane season What companies are currently doing: monitoring, mapping, and collaboration
  • New technologies in supply chain risk management
  • The latest capabilities to Resilinc’s EventWatch AI platform  

Supply Chain Risk Report: 

The Latest EventWatchAI Data and Updates

Director of Operations, Resilinc
Director of Product Management, Resilinc


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